The Restorer - Renewing, Resurfacing Metal, Wood & More

The RESTORER Multi-Surface Restoration System was invented and patented by Robert Kundel Jr. Originally designed for use at Kundel Industries for removing rust and scale from beams and pipe prior to painting Robert soon realized the tremendous potential of the tool when he was able to use it at home for DIY wood working and metal working projects without clogging or gumming up the sandpaper. The Restorer became the discussion of many power tool manufacturers and after 7 years he was able to sign a brand license deal with Stanley Black & Decker. The Porter-Cable Restorer is available on Amazon and sold at Lowe’s and Hartville Hardware from $99 to $149 depending on the kit.

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The Good News Retreat Center

The Call, placed upon Robert's life in 2012 , is to minister to ministers through the creation of a one-of-a-kind non-proft retreat center is dedicated to the restoration of pastors worldwide and will be funded by the proceeds from the "Restorer" tool. Robert is looking to locate "The Good News Retreat Center" in the Charlotte, NC area which is an ideal location for a year round retreat center. The tool according to Robert was divinely inspired and aptly named Restorer, just as Jesus is our Restorer and in the business of restoration. Ironically enough Jesus was a carpenter and the Restorer is a carpenter’s tool. Proceeds from every purchase will go directly to fund this desperately needed ministry.

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Global Restoration

Infrastructure decay is on the rise creating a great demand for cost effective solutions to maintain existing structures like bridges, pipelines, ships, railroads, buildings and more. These resources all play an vital role in not only our daily lives, but our economy as well. Corrosion continues to eat away at the investments made around the world at an annual cost of more than $1 trillion dollars. The U.S. military alone spends more than $23 billion dollars annually dealing with the effects of corrosion and by developing products geared toward this purpose it allows us to slow down the aging process of what our forefathers have fought so hard to create and establish here and around the world.

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Porter Cable Restorer Reviews by Pro's

Porter Cable Restorer Testimonies

Lief & Kara Brunet | Woodworkers
Owners / Operators

The Porter Cable Restorer is a versatile stripper/sander and Mrs. Brunet is very exicted about using it.

Brent George | Russellville, AR
Homeowner / DIY Guy

This thing is super handy! I've used it to sand both flat and contoured wood pieces. I've also used it to remove rust from tools and auto body parts, and to give metal that smooth brushed look! I've even used it for shaping plastics. Heck, it even comes in handy to quickly (and carefully) sharpen a pencil or two! Thank you for this super handy addition to my shop!

Andreas Somogyi | TV Personality
Fabricator at Overhaulin'

I cannot express the excitement and the gratitude! It's like Christmas! Thank u Kevin Tetz for the introduction and leg work and thank you so much Robert Kundel Jr. for introducing the world to this fantastic tool! And making it available to me! can't wait to use it! Greatly appreciate it!

Jimmy Don Holmes | HGTV
HGTV Fixer Upper Metal Guy

The Porter Cable Restorer has really been a great addition to our metal sanding capabilities. We are always thinking of new and different applications for it because it is so versatile.

Reviver Labs | Houston, TX
Owner / Builder

The Restorer is a great tool.  I can use it on both wood and metal with ease.  I use it everyday in my shop!  In fact the Restorer is so easy to use my daughter is able to use it no problem.

Butch Lloyd | Lloyd Originals
Owner / Fabricator

I really like the compact design of the Restorer and for the price I am amazed by what it can do.  The Restorer can remove old paint and bondo without damage to the metal and it leaves it with a killer finish!

Paul | Canadian Woodworks
Owner / Builder

The restorer is ideal for cleaning up live edge furniture, it's easy to control, leaves a great finish and the dust collection is fantastic. I'm sure I'll be using the restorer on a daily basis in my fine woodworking shop.

Kevin Tetz | TV Personality
Automotive Restoration Expert

The new Porter Cable Restorer is a game changer. It performs the functions of several other tools, but does things that no other tool can! A revolutionary new design and a surprisingly low price equals a home run!

Rich Schley | Warren, OH
Retired Tool & Die Maker / Hobbyist

If you are looking for the perfect sanding tool, the Restorer is it! When sanding wood, the removal rate is exceptional. The balance and feel when you pick it up is so natural you just know that they really spent time in development. I can't wait for the other options to be available. It is so light, I can use it with one hand. I think I'll buy another, just to have a spare.

James Koden | RewT Customs
Owner / Fabricator

I have been waiting a few month for this tool to come out, So when I saw that it was in stock at my local Lowes this morning, I got dressed and went up and bought it and a bunch of sanding and stripping drums. Been using it all morning and absolutely love it! strips rust and paint leaving a great surface for finishes.. I have finally found my new favorite tool for my custom car business!

Pat McGuire | Chesapeake, VA
Home Owner

Best surface cleaning and surface prepping tool I have ever used, easily removes paint and rust from metal without warping, also allows for easy switch to sanding roll for smoothing wood surfaces.

Chris Rodenius | Tool-Rank
Owner/Professional Tool Review

Overall I am very impressed with the Porter-Cable Restorer. Not only does it work as advertised, it seems to be solidly built, has plenty of power, and the sanding drums are of good quality. At a price of only $99, I think the Restorer is a bargain. 

03 Mar

New Tool Overview: Porter-Cable Restorer

If you need to remove old or damaged layers from wood, metal, or concrete surfaces, then you might be interested in taking a closer look at the new Porter Cable Restorer in action.

by admin / Comments
31 Jan

MV Flaim Furniture Maker

This week while traveling through the Lowe’s stores I call on, I stumbled upon this sander in the tool aisle. It’s called a restorer that uses a sanding drum to sand wood.

by admin / Comments
17 Jan

The Journey from Product Idea to National Distribution

Had the honour of speaking with Robert Kundel, Jr for almost one hour last week about his journey creating his multi-tool product, the

by admin / Comments
16 Jan

PORTER-CABLE Restorer 3.5-Amp Sander

How many sanders does Dad need? Jitterbug, orbital, detail, belt, disc, drum and whatever-this-thing-is. Seven. He needs seven.

by admin / Comments
12 Jan

Reviver Labs Young Lady Restores

My #daughter knocking out some custom bookends with the new @portercablerestorer This tool kicks butt! As soon as she saw it , she wanted to use it.

by admin / Comments
11 Jan

Corrosion Innovation Award Nominee for 2017

Porter Cable Restorer

Category: Instrumentation
Nominee: Wellington Corp., LLC
by admin / Comments
11 Jan

Woodworker's Journal Article



by admin / Comments
03 Jan

Tool Craze Review

Here’s a neat multi purpose tool that Porter Cable’s come out with to sand, buff, grind, polish, scrub or clean any surface – the Porter Cable Restorer

by admin / Comments
08 Dec

This Old House host uses the Restorer

by admin / Comments
29 Nov
Porter Cable Restorer buffing roller

New Buffing Roller under Review

In this video we will discuss the new buffing roller coming to market and its potentail as it relates to applications.

by admin / Comments


Restorer & Black+Decker

If you are a Black+Decker fan then you have to be excited to see this. From the makers of the Porter Cable Restorer comes the new Black+Decker Restorer designed to be nimble, compact it incorporates many of the same great features that you have come to expect from Black+Decker.

Look for this aweome new tool in the second quarter of 2017 also available at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores.

Download B&D Restorer Manual PDF (English) (Spanish) (French)

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